Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Art of Luca Rodolfi - Reloaded: Free models for Followers and subscribers !

The Art of Luca Rodolfi - Reloaded: Free models for Followers and subscribers !: Hi all ! to retain visitors to my site , is possible to download some free models: only for those who choose to become followers ...

Monday, July 20, 2009


You may have to be a member, but ...I'm honored DSA-I am. Thank you so much for giving me this distinction and dedication.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daz's Studio 3 (Free vrs.)

I, like many others, decided to finally download and install this version of Studio. Prior to this, I had been working in the (still) beta version of 2.3 and rather liking it. Then the beta version of this 3 came out, complete with all the hoo-dads, tweaks, and shiny temptations that the full and paid-for version will have.
I had fun.
I was frustrated, too, that all of the plug-ins and lighting (AO/UE/LDP) didn't work in three. (They have since started the process of having updates made-thank you.) So, for the most part after the 3 beta version was no longer viable, I stuck with 2.3.
My buddy.
Then...on a whim...I pulled out the free version of 3 and slapped this together. Just M4, my body morphs, Elric's skin mappings, Woodgod/Valiant clothing models and Moon Cult's staff with a freebie hawk (Not so complex of a model, but it worked here!) and background. Aery Soul's piercings were included in this, too-both a purchased version and the free ones you can find on their forum site.
Set up included one pin light, one spot light, and one distant light that had raytracing.
Rendering was a single-pass, time was an hour.
Minor post for the boarder, the background black, the font and the smoke/light effects.
Not so shabby.
Though I'm debating over the idea of purchasing the Advanced version. I have Carrara 6 Pro, C3DE, C7E, Bryce 5/6, and Hex 2. (Most of these either gotten for free or purchased at a rediculous discounted price with and without vouchers. Most I've paid for any of these programs is $10.)
I want to save for a tablet. For a higher end computer. For an external hard-drive.
Oh, the shivers at the imagination that is twitching to be set free in those....
Le sigh. Where you can find all of the programs I have, as well as some mighty fine people in the forums that can help. A gallery section that is absolutely stunning to look through (and you can post your works in), and Artzone. Enjoy!
Note: Become a platinum member. It's well worth it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My first blog-

Thought I'd start this off while having a quick break at work. The purpose of this particular piece of online 'fluff' that seems to be clogging the 'net lately is to get out my thoughts to those few that may be interested, as well as post various tutorials for various programs and/or techniques distinct to the artists that are with me in various forums/sites.

So...with that in,

Welcome to my insanity.

Note: Occasionally one of my varied personalities will take control and post one of those rants that people tend to cringe and love while reading.

You've been warned. :)